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The truth of mine
Hi I’m Lyda. This story is about a strange feeling for a strange person I’ve unexpectedly met in the moment that I really needed someone. The feeling which is still remain after many months. First, I didn’t really mean it, because it was just a randomness between two strangers, but who knows, the randomness has repeated and something strange started happen. But something told me that it was just a short time passion that will be disappeared tomorrow. I don’t know what it really is untill I miss the way that stranger treated other people, the language he used to communicate, those shoes he worn, the tone of each step, the warm smile that can be a drug, especailly the way he stared and tried to get close to me… Those feeling grows when I no longer see him, when all the things become sweet memories and it comes as… I like him. Thank you for those moments,Stranger.

written by Yi Chamnan

Phnom Penh,2nd, June, 2019

Picture: Pinterest

Published by Deep Mood

I'd love to write what I feel

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